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How to Add a New Customer

For creating any bookings, invoices and quotations for new customers, you will have to add them in your organisation.

To add a new customer, please follow the simple instructions below:

Note: there are help icons next to each input to give you additional information and tips on completing the field you're filling in. Just press the icon (info icon) if you need some help.

1. Please select Customers from the top navigation bar, and choose Add New Customer from the drop-down list.

As you can see on New Customer page, there is just one mandatory filed which is customer's Full Name. It helps you to add a customer quickly and easily.

2. Enter the customer information as much as you want.

3. When you are ready to save the new customer, press the Add Customer button.

Having done that, the system will redirect you to Customer List page, where you can manage your customers. Available management features are listed below:
  • Customer Summary - this provides a single place to quickly locate and manage any customer account. All customer's data and services are available here.
  • Edit Customer Profile - from here you can update the customer profile.
  • Add New Vehicle - allows you to add a new vehicle and assign it to the customer.
  • Add New Booking - by using this link, you can add a booking for the customer.
  • Create Invoice - from here you can create an invoice for the customer.
  • Create Quote - allows you to create a quotation for the customer.
  • Send Message - allows you to send message to your customers.

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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