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We assume that you have already logged in to the My Garage or your Admin Panel, if you're running the GSS on your website or hosting account.

Getting Started For New Clients

Welcome to Garage Software Solutions(GSS)

All management features are located on the top navigation bar, including: Customers, Vehicles, Bookings, Billing, Purchasing, Support, Reports, Service Centre, Setup, etc.
The Setup section provides a single place to quickly locate and search for all the settings in My Garage.

Getting Started provides with the instructions on what to do once your account is created and where to start from with My Garage.

To have a better experience with your trial account, we recommend that you configure the following settings:

Note: there are help icons next to each input to give you additional information and tips on completing the field you're filling in. Just press the icon (info icon) if you need some help.

1. Business Setting

1.1. Please select Setup from the top navigation bar, and then choose Business from its drop-down list.

This is where you can configure your business settings such as the company information like Business Name, Business Type, Contact Information, etc.

We've already collcted some information about your business, so please check it out.

1.2. Please choose a appropriate Business Type, e.g. if you're a DVSA authorised Vehicle Testing Station (VTS), please select MOT Test Centre and if you are car repair experts choose Garage or Workshop.

If your business has a logo, you can upload it here. Your logo will be displayed on your Services Centre (6 web pages), invoices, quotes and purchase orders as well.

1.3. Please fill out all mandatory fields that are marked with a red asterisk (*).

If you have a business website, please enter the URL in the Business Website field. Your URL will be displayed as a clickable link on your invoices, quotes, purchase orders and Service Centre.

1.4. Once you’ve done so, proceed by pressing the Save Changes button.

2. Service Setting

We assume you're still in Setup section.

2.1. Please press the next tab which is Services (the third tab in Setup section).

From here you can configure Service and Service Item settings.

2.2. Choose your services from the checklist.

2.3. Then, press the Save Changes button.

You've completed your service setting. Now, it's time to set up your service items.

2.4. Press the Service Items Setup tab. It's located on the right hand side of the 'Service Setup', in the services section.

2.5. On the Service Items Setup page, choose Price Term, enter the item Price, and then enter a Short Description (optional) for your service item.

2.6. Once you’ve done so, press the Save Changes button.

3. Currency Setting

We assume you're still in Setup section.

3.1. Please press the Currency tab (the fifth tab in Setup section).

From here you can configure currency settings.

3.2. Enter your currency in the Currency Code field. For example, GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, JPY, CNY, etc.

3.3. Choose your Currency Symbol from the list menu.

3.4. Once the required changes are made, press the Save Changes button.

4. Tax/VAT Setting

4.1. Please press the Tax/VAT tab in the Setup section.

This is where you enable/disable the Tax/VAT support and submit your Tax/VAT rate.

4.2. If you are Tax or VAT registered, please check Enable radio button to enable Tax/VAT support. Otherwise, check the Disable.

If you enabled the Tax/VAT support, then please define a meaningful name for your Tax/VAT Name and also enter your Tax/VAT Rate.

4.3. Once the required changes are made, press the Save Changes button.

That’s it!

Before activating your account, please make sure to set up your calendar (working days, opening hours and bank holidays). The following articles can help you:

How to Set up my Working Days and Opening Hours

How to Add Holidays to my calendar

If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to Open a Support Ticket.

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