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How to Add a Vendor credit

A vendor credit is a financial transaction that reduces the amount of money owed to a vendor for a future bill.

In GSS, you can enter and process credits you receive from a vendor. When you use a vendor credit, the amount due to the vendor will be reduced by the amount of the credit issued.

After a vendor issues a credit to you, you need to enter the credit information in the GSS system.

Once the vendor credit has been recorded, you can then redeem the credit by applying the credit against an outstanding purchase order.

To add a vendor credit, please follow the simple steps below:

1. Select Purchasing from the top navigation bar, and choose Vendor Summary from the drop-down list.

Please Note:
The Vendor Summary provides a single place to quickly locate and manage all the vendor's data and services.
It contains an overview of the vendor's details, some quick billing and service statistics, quick links to all management actions as well as a list of all their purchase orders and credits.

2. Then, use the search box to find your vendor.

You can search a vendor by Vendor ID, vendor 's name or vendor 's business name.

3. Under the search box, press the Manage Credits tab.

4. On the right hand-side of 'Manage Credits' page, press the + Add Credit button. A form will then appear to allow adding the credit.

5. Enter the date, desired amount and a short description.

6. Finally, press the Add Credit button to add the vendor credit.

That's it!

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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