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How to Search Perchase Orders

To find your perchase orders (P.O), please follow the simple steps below:

1. Select Perchasing from the top navigation bar, and then choose Purchase List from the drop-down list.

This displays all your orders in a single place and is categorised by status. You can navigate to each status by pressing its tab.

2. Use the search box to find the order you're looking for. You can use any of the following details:

  • Purchase No (P.O. No)
  • Vendor

By start typing any above information in the search box, the system predicts the rest of your query and presents you with the best results. Then, you can easily find and accept a suggestion from the list.

3. If you want to go back to the list view, press the orange Reset button.

Available management features are listed below:
  • Vendor Summary - this provides a single place to quickly locate and manage any vendor account. All vendor's data and services are available here.
  • Edit Order - from here you can update the order information.
  • View & Print - allows you to view and print the order.
  • Download PDF - allows you to download the order as a PDF file.
  • Email as PDF - by using this link, you can email the order to the vendor.
  • Delete Order - allows you to delete each individual order.
  • Delete - allows you to delete order/s (individually or by group).
  • Update Order Status - allows you to update order/s status (individually or by group) by navigating to each status tab.

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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